1. Grab attention with a good headline.
  2. Get straight to the point in the first paragraph.
    Don’t beat about the bush. Subsequent paragraphs are for supporting information.

  3. Make it grammatically flawless.
    This is SO important. If you are writing PR in a language that is not your own, we strongly suggest that you get it properly checked by a native speaker before sending it out.

  4. Avoid jargon and too many superlatives.

  5. Try and keep it to a single page where possible, and never more than two pages.

  6. Include at least one good, hi-res photograph.
    This gives it a much better chance of publication

  7. Send it to the right people.
    Have a good list of relevant publications, blogs and social media channels

  8. Talk to the editors about big stories to promote your story further