1. Keep them short - normally no more than 2 minutes
    If a video is too long, people will forget important information and its often difficult to keep people’s attention

  2. Make sure it's tailored for your intended audience
    A video might look great but if people don’t understand why they are watching it then you’ve wasted your time

  3. Aim to get across just three or four key points
    Trying to say too much will overwhelm your viewers, just let them walk away with something memorable

  4. Don’t pack in facts and figures, people won’t remember them all
    Product videos should just give an overview, if people want to know more they’ll ask or explore your website

  5. Make the user benefits clear
    The video should focus on what is good for the viewer, not simply how wonderful your company is and how good your product is. How does it make their lives better?

  6. Think about a version with no audio for use at a show
    This approach will ensure you don’t disturb neighbouring stands. What would need to be different for that version to make it work

  7. The purpose of a video is to impress people to want to talk to you, tease them enough to want more