1. Keep things clean:
If you want people to be drawn to your page it has to stand out from series after series of articles. Images and negative space will draw the eye.

2. Pick a font and stick to it.
Keep one font on the page

3. Use gradients, 3D Bezel and drop shadow effectively
Don’t fall in the trap, unless used well and by professionals it usually ends badly.

4. Keep things consistent
The best advertisements are companies with a consistent strategy and a style guide. If you repeat the same fonts & colors and keep your logos clear. Readers can associate your strong style with your good work, and might even think of you next time they see the colour in another scenario.

5. Don’t put an image on top of an image.
If it is a logo try to make sure the space behind it is all of one color, or add a banner.

6. Original Ideas stand out.
A recent advert stood out to me as it had one strong message presented in an inventive way. Too often is it a product shown which we should ‘Discover’ or ‘Trust’. Whilst being visual is important. Being creative needs to start at the message.

7. Contrary to this they say copying is the best form of flattery!
So if an advert has really stood out, then see how you could at least use it as inspiration to develop your next ideas

8. Use high resolution image and know what you are doing with Photoshop.
It seems obvious but too many times have I flicked through an AV magazine and had to sigh at the pixelation or the shocking use of the magic wand in Photoshop.

9. Choose colours which go together.
If you are not very visually attuned, there is a wonderful website called Kuler from Adobe.

10. Contact us for help!