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Dante System Designer

Dante System Designer (DSD) is a web app designed to make it extremely easy for users to create and modify networked audio systems.

Delivering ease of use is difficult to achieve but the majority of users don’t even need to look at the brief instruction video

Users log in, and select from over twenty pre-made template system diagrams.

Once a template is selected, it becomes their drawing and they can change equipment types, quantities and names. When changing equipment, they can select from over 3,000 products in the Dante Product Catalog. Over 500 of these have a custom drawing – and that list is growing all the time – whilst the others use a generic drawing to represent the product.


As you change the items of equipment connected on the network the number of switch ports automatically changes, helping users to specify the correct switch.

Once users have finished tailoring the drawing to their exact specification they can export it as a PDF, as a bill of materials or as a system report with more detailed information.

Additionally they can share a direct link to the drawing so customers or bidders can see, but not modify, the proposed system design.

Behind the Scenes

This was a substantial development project, delivered within six months. Copper Leaf designed, developed and managed the project with very little resource from the client.

Before we started any coding, we created wireframes of each and every element and reviewed the user experience to make it as easy as possible to use.

Separate from this we developed a FileMaker database to handle all the product information. Dante System Designer synchronises with the FileMaker database when new products become available. This is an extensive database allowing individual manufacturers to log in and view their products.

The same database also feeds the Dante Product Catalog on the Audinate website. To achieve this, we wrote a custom WordPress plugin to carry out the synchronisation of product data. We have used this plugin on several customer websites as it is ideal for sites featuring many products with lots of technical information.

Dante System Designer runs fast on a managed server and can cope with tens of thousands of accounts, thousands of simultaneous users and any number of user drawings.

If you would like users to understand how to connect and configure your products better then chat to us about developing a tool or app specifically for you.