Design, layout and Case Studies

Genelec Book


Genelec Premium Presentation Book

The Premium Presentation book is a beautifully presented ‘coffee table’ collection of Genelec’s best case studies – all researched and written by us – topped and tailed with an introduction to the company and their founding principles, plus some technical detail and an overview of the products featured in the book. 

We piloted this project from A to Z, from writing and editing through to design and layout. The only element we didn’t handle was print and production as the client wished to manage that locally. The devil was most definitely in the detail but the results speak for themselves. This is a prestige product that never fails to impress – even we were blown away by the quality and impact of the finished product, despite having spent months living and breathing it! In an increasingly digital age, it serves as a welcome reminder of the value and pleasure of a beautiful book that we can dip into and enjoy at leisure.

Genelec Premium Presentation Book