Apps, widgets and tools


Custom apps

Custom web solutions deliver unique functionality to visitors. From configuration tools to customer portals, we can develop functionality tailored to your exact your requirements. We’ve created beautifully functioning graphical widgets and managed complex database integrations.

screenshots of ux of portal

Award entry and judging portal

Our awards judging portal is a comprehensive tool to manage entries and judging of industry awards. It can be styled to any look and can be placed into any WordPress website.

Entries can be configured with any number of categories, with different numbers of fields for text, links, documents and photos. Categories can have different entry fees and voucher codes. Users can save draft entries and edit until the final submission deadline.

Judging can be handled in one or two stages, for initial shortlisting and then detailed judging. Judges can view submissions and score entries against several criteria. They can also add comments to assist with editorial about each entrant.

Organisers can number of entries and chase drafts to be completed. Scores are automatically aggregated along with summary information for each category.

Our industry research prompted us to provide an inexpensive, flexible tool to help people stage awards with flexibility and fairness.

System Design Tool

Dante System Designer is a complete application for networked audio and video systems. Users can select a pre-built system design and modify it to their exact requirements. The tool allows users to select any of the 4,000+ products in the Audinate product catalogue. Drawings can be personalised and exported as a PDF, bill of materials or as a link to share with others.