Roland Hemming


A varied career from engineering to large scale events has resulted in Roland knowing how best to communicate a message. Roland manages clients, writes scripts and does our technical writing.

Kiera Leeming


Kiera’s forte is communication, in particular the written word. She helps companies achieve maximum exposure through well written, carefully researched and targeted PR, case studies and feature articles.

Marieke de Jonge


Marieke is Copper Leaf’s administrator. In her spare time she co-ordinates a local environmental campaign group.

Steph Collie

Graphics & Video

Steph works in all things creative and predominately creates visual assets for clients including product drawings, 3D graphics, application diagrams and a lot of animated videos.

Bruce Kennedy

Graphics & Video

With over 20 years of experience working at several Soho agencies, Bruce has amassed extensive knowledge and skills in marketing, branding, photo retouching and web design.

Lucy Killick

Graphics & Video

Lucy applies her framing and graphic skills to 2D print layout work, she is the in-house photographer and videographer. She also assists in creating visual assets.

Bender Bending Rodríguez


Named after our favourite Futurama character, even for a cat, Bender is able to sleep for extraordinary periods of time.

Ghyslaine Boin-Bado

Web Developer

Ghyslaine has been working as a website designer for the last 10 years and now looks after all of Copper Leaf’s website developments and maintenance projects.

Turanga Leela


Her loud meowing is guaranteed to interrupt even the most sensitive conference call.