SHS Product Video

Originally created for use in a demo room at an exhibition, our client wanted to emphasise the architecural benefits of their loudspeaker and to show where it is actually used. The opening section uses stock footage of different visually pleasing environments. We then bought a 3D room and placed a 3D render of the product within it. This created the stunning swoop up to the gold ceiling. Full 3D renders show an exploded view as well as installation detail. For the longer, demo room version, we used a 9.2 surround sound system to play content from the loudspeaker above the audience, augmenented by surround speakers playing atmospheric sound of different environments such as hotels, bars and airports. We played different styles of music and speech, so listeners could properly assess the performance of the product, in context. Despite a tight deadline, we are proud to have delivered a high quality video project that involved a lot of 3D work and featured specially composed music.