Animation & Video

Our videos really tell a story. We can help make sense of your products by highlighting the key features and benefits and putting them in context. We are probably the biggest producer of product videos in the AV industry, producing about one video every two weeks. We can incorporate animation, live footage and professional voice-over of an elegantly written script to deliver your message with maximum impact.

Product Video

Company Overview

Technology Explainer


From brochures to books, case studies and flyers, Copper Leaf creates content for print that really stands out. We give your printed content a consistent look, following brand guidelines and ensuring all content is approved and correctly licensed from fonts to photographs. Holding something real is very different to looking at it on a screen, so we ensure our printed content is always delivered to the highest standard.

Vector Artwork

If your latest product isn’t ready for photography, just send us your engineering drawings and we can produce vector artwork or full photo realistic images.


They say an image is worth a thousand words… and often, it is. At the very least, it’s an essential complement to a larger project, and the quality of the photos you provide to represent your company, your products and your projects determines how you are viewed by the rest of the world. High quality professional photography is no longer a luxury – it something you can’t afford to do without. Talk to us before your next photo shoot.

System Drawings

Put your products in context with accurate and attractive system diagrams featuring your products. Just tell us what applications you want and we’ll draw up systems with your products - hotels, conference systems, stadiums, transport - anywhere where AV technology is used.


From microsites to database-driven sites with hundreds of products we have a full-time web development team. We are experienced with all the major web platforms including Wordpress but we also have the ability to custom code unique features and more optimisation.

Again, our unique industry knowledge means we understand the key elements that make a website work. We understand the different types of visitor, the information they are most likely to be looking for and the key search terms they will use.